Can't even convey how bemused i am when i received this Martian watch. It has super mind blowing features and yet the looks is sleek, black and white defines sleek imo. 

First, it has this panel sort of thing which will come to display when a notification enters your phone. It can be connected via bluetooth and settings can be set through an application. Also, recharging via usb cable is needed as the battery life of the screen can only hold up to 5 days. Second, the analog timepiece has not much to say, mainly because it operates just like any other watch. 

And what notification can it display? Anything ! Facebook, line, twitter,, instagram, whatsApp, path and BBM, incoming calls, missed calls, voicemail, calendar, emails, SMS and many other more. Oh! you can even set the vibration pattern ! how cool is that? 

For more, go ahead and check their website here


 (Love, Bonito top from Labelalley, Mango suit collection skirt and Oxford shoe, Martian watch)

I'm pretty much married to neutral colours, here's a case in point. It's so hard to choose what to wear because my palette in mind is stuck with monochrome colours or neutral colours or pastels-like colours. And i'm a very prudent person, so i take everything with caution. 

Here's a watch Martian sent me a few weeks ago, it is unbelievably surprising and distinctly cool. Why you say...? It flaunts its specialised screen just about right. I wish i could review them more, but i'm in a rush, i will review them in my next post. By then, stay tuned !


flipping hairs.
that's me, by the way. 
i wish i could draw like her
bold eye make up makes things even more... bold
i want this, right f-ing now.

This is a post where most of my wish list is poured here. I hoped you enjoy this post.