( Adidas top, Mango pants, Nike Roshe run, Topshop backpack, Asos sunnies )

Would say that this is what i would describe as casual, laid back, slouchy and apparently comfortable too, included. As much as i try to dress myself with girly clothes, it never seems to ever stick for long. The effort i put into dressing myself up is useless, i think it is innately my basic qualities. 
Hence, we should all earnestly dress whatever you like. 


(knitted sweater made by mom, Nike roshe run)
 Ph. by Adiputra
Edited by me

This sweater was particularly heavy and thick and only even better if it's turtlenecked- my kind of sweater, by know you'd know my obsession towards sweater, right...? Tis' the sweater my mom knitted for my dad, probably during the nothingness phase which was the pregnancy phase i supposed(excuse me, i just made that up). The sweater is heavy with a great amount of winterish vibe; also there was a bit of I WANT TO DIVE IN A POOL FULL OF SNOW IN THIS CHUNKY SWEATER, ARGH. That's what my mind always thinks when i see this sweater, it's just meant for winter countries. Anyway, this was shot the day i had the 4th batch of my shoot with Premiereshouse! it was so fun, so much fun! My friend said i was being productive, yet i think i'm being such a pig lately, should i keep it up? maybe .
stay tuned!


 (Stripe top c/o Megagamie, Stylenanda skirt, Zara heels, Michael kore bag, Gucci watch, H&M rings)

 This stripe top has it all : perfect neck line, moderate sleeve length, and an ultimate easy piece to pair. When everything is basic and plain, that's the one i would like to keep. It's very important to keep everything you like, because the ones you didn't like will do nothing and left rotten(apologies for my lack of vocabulary). I feel like this outfit is a maturer side of me, i realised i don't really dress mature much, but i like dressing like one, maybe because i'm getting old day by day(throwback to the days when my style aren't clear and exact).